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Please post requests in the comment section below. Give as much information as possible and we’ll see what we can do. Screen names are especially helpful.

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  1. I don’t have a screen name, but what I remember most about the video is that it was stickam, and it had text on the bottom that said something to the effect of “Quick, join now, private soon”. The video is of one girl eating out another.

    • No idea. I’ll leave this comment up in case anybody knows. There’s so many stickam vids. Was it up on this site before? Did it have sound?

  2. I would love to have more of Michelle, there is more of her somewhere I know

  3. I used to have a couple videos of a stickam girl. Had a sorta emo haircut. She put bandaids on her nipples. Liked to tease like that.

    [ADMIN EDIT] REQUEST GRANTED: http://k2s.cc/file/de94da1085d3e/kp432.rar

  4. I saw this one gif with this girl, dark hair, she was wearing blue pajama pants, she had her legs up to her head and spread her pussy. Quality was pretty good, didn’t look like a stickcam video, but there clearly had to be a video for it.

  5. I would love to see one special girl from the good old days again, she was on Stickam and had quite a few different screen names, here are a few of them:

    AFAIK, Xsierraluverxd was the one with which she did the most, but I’m not really sure. I even managed to find a really friggin’ old pic of her: http://www.chansluts.com/general/requests/src/1414965483929.jpg

    Back in the day there was a metric butt ton of vids of her, then they got sparse and now I literally can’t find anything of her anymore, you’re kinda my last hope. I would especially love to see her banana deepthroat again, she was by far my favorite fapping material and don’t ask me why but her deepthroating that banana always got me off. Ah, good times.

    Anyways, yeah, would love to see her again, I really hope I gave enough info.

    PS: Love your site, keep up the good work. Even bought k2s Premium just because of you guys 🙂

  6. any chance anyone could clean up the evie video think its 67 really dark be nice if anyone can filter it or something make it lighter

    • Sorry, we don’t modify the videos in any way as it always increases the file size and reduces the definition. VLC has a feature to increase the brightness I believe.

  7. Everything new deleted?

  8. Guys are you still answering to requests??? If so please answer under this and I will request something from you. It’s some good stuff!

  9. Would love to see Killjoy again, was lost when everything was deleted I think

  10. Hey

    I’m seatching stuffz from this couple (especially the girl ;)) : http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph582204bfd8a6c


  11. There was these two girls on tumblr the screenname was 2girls1blog0fucksgiven they were amazing pleasee if possible

    • Was there a bate vid with sound? I found a few flash clips but nothing postable.

      • i believe there was is there a way you can send me what you found still?

        • I just did a quick search, I didn’t download any of it. I’ll do a deeper search and see if I can find a bate vid. If I find one I’ll grab it all. If not, I’m not going to bother unless you make me an offer that I can’t refuse (bitcoin: 1JsQHYtnahbZqjC1cMTZe7vbhY5fADecqF).

  12. Can you find any more vids of this girl? I’ve been trying to find her for a while. Strips, has sound, meets all your criteria but I haven’t seen you post her before. The way she interacts with the viewers makes it seem like it’s some kind of cam site but I’m not sure. https://uptobox.com/a1acrg2496ac Pass: 7h5mcc5

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