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Sep 112014


(7 vids, 30 pics)


  15 Responses to “K8”

  1. tried to download twice, both times ended in unexpected end of archive.

  2. Gorgeous girl, she’s SO delicious <3

  3. The videos of 4 and 5 you have in this pack have no sound. I’ve seen them before with sound but I couldn’t track them down again. Just giving you a heads up.

  4. She posts on Pornhub.

    • Yeah! I had the link but I lost it. Can you give it to me please.

      • It seems she may have deleted her account. I have managed to download a few of those videos. What do you want to do admin?

        • Yeah, I found her pornhub name and got what I could from it but they have the pornhub spam at the beggining. If you have the more recent vids without the pornhub spam send to me if you wouldn’t mind.

          • Hey, what vids did you want?

          • Everything!! We love you so much here! We have 7 of the older vids but a few of them are ripped from other sites so the quality isn’t the best. Would be great to have the originals of those for everyone to have. Also all of the newer stuff is ripped from pornhub so it has that pornhub spam. Would great to have the originals of those as well. We pride ourselves on being as thorough as possible with our collections.

          • i really hope she will come back one day.
            She is so amazing

          • How do I send them?

          • I would recommend uploading them to mega.nz and then sending me the link/s. You can use the comments or e-mail to send the links to me and I’ll update the file here and keep the collection as up to date as possible for all to enjoy.

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